Crib Assembly

You need to set up your baby’s room so he can sleep sound! And the centre piece is the crib you just bought or received as a gift? Yes, Everyday Pros can take care of your Crib Assembly.

Whether you want to mount a single crib with bed bars, or the most modern of cribs, for a girl or a boy, Everyday Pros offers you the best in the setting up of cribs. The best service that money can buy for the installation of your baby’s crib.

You just have to choose the type of crib you want to mount, and we do the rest!

Everyday Pros has a team of talented furniture assembly experts who are ready to help. Our Furniture Assemblers love unpacking the boxes, getting the tools out and putting together all the nuts and bolts required to do the work.

Everyday Pros professionals are extremely handy, have their own equipment and tools, and are flexible to your needs.

We trust that this is a job that will be done professionally, done in serenity, with simplicity!