Obligations of the Customer for the good execution of the Service by the Company



– For each Service, the form allows the Customer to define its needs accordingly so the Everyday Pros has all the information required.   Also, information about quantities helps us determine the time required to perform the work.

– The field labeled “Comment (s)” allows the Customer to specify if there are particular needs or circumstances to be taken into account.

– Communicating reliable and complete information is therefore essential to the successful implementation of the Service(s).

– Example when assembling furniture: when a Client selects 1 piece of furniture to assemble, it means that the Service will only cover that one piece of furniture only. Any additional furniture assembly must be indicated at the time of the Order

– In addition, our mission is exclusively to provide a Service to the Customer, excluding any supply of goods (unless explicitly mentioned in the Service description), equipment and tools (“Element (s)”). Therefore, at the start of the intervention, it is crucial that the Service Provider has all the necessary elements and / or information (instructions or assembly instructions) for the successful implementation of the Service.



– The Customer must be present the day and at the time agreed to welcome the Service Provider.

– the Customer has to make sure that the Service Provider will not be disturbed by the presence of any pets, if any.

– If the Service requires access at a height and it wasn’t specified in the form, the Customer must facilitate this access with a ladder. Mentioning this possibility in the “Comment” box is therefore required.

– If a job is impacting (directly and / or indirectly) one of the site’s networks (electricity, water etc …), easy access must be provided to momentary shutoff the access for a safe intervention.

– the location where the service will take place must be sufficiently clear to allow a smooth intervention.



– For any assembly, installation or repair, the Element (furniture, part, etc.) of the Service must be complete, in working order, to the correct dimensions and include all the supplies necessary for the proper installation.

– Example for the assembly of furniture in kit: here the kit must include all the necessary parts as well as any fasteners included at the time of purchase or mentioned by the manufacturer, but also all the information attached to the kit (instructions etc.)



– For any installation, fixing or fitting directly or indirectly on a support (wall, partition, door, etc.), it is imperative that the support is suitable for the smooth operation of the operation: nothing broken no cracks or holes preventing a regular installation … Our Services do not include surface preparation. If it is the case, you must mention it in the “Comments” box so that the Service Provider comes equipped and set enough time for the job.

– Example with the installation of a curtain rod, the wall must be sound and allow to drill / screw without problems

– Similarly, if an accessory is to be installed on a door, the surface of the door must allow for proper attachment.



After an intervention, the Customer remains responsible for any finishing not part of the Service (including, but not limited to, sanding, varnishing, painting, tiling, etc.). The finishing work is excluded from the Services provided by the Contractor.



Possible dumping of certain elements is the responsibility of the Clients and in no case of the Provider. If the Customer wishes to have the Service Provider dumps after a service is provided, it must be mentioned in the “Comments” box.